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Customer contact centre

Many of our services have online forms which allow you to access services at a time that is convenient to you. For ease these are grouped into the following categories:

Please make use of our wherever possible but if you’re experiencing an emergency or critical situation phone 0131 200 2000.

If the service isn’t available on the website, you can also contact us by email or find contact telephone number, with details for key services.

Social care support - adults and children

More information about social care support can be found online and the team can be contacted at socialcaredirect@edinburgh.gov.uk or by phone on 0131 200 2324.

Council house repairs

Find out more about reporting or requesting repairs to your council home. If the service you require isn’t available on our website you can use our contact repairs form or phone 0131 200 2345.

Waste and environmental services 

Please use our waste online services where possible. If the service you require isn’t available on our website you can use our contact waste form or phone 0131 608 1100.

Council Tax, benefits and welfare

The simplest and quickest way to view information about your Council Tax account is by . You can

  • view an account summary
  • check your balance, instalments and payments
  • switch to paperless billing. 

Visit our main Council Tax page to access more online services, including telling the Council about a change in your circumstances.  If the service is not available on our website you can:

If you are having difficulty making payments, please contact us as early as possible to discuss the options which may be available to you. Early contact allows us to consider more ways to help you pay.  

If you need debt or welfare advice, you can contact The Advice Shop.


If you become homeless or need urgent help to find a safe place to stay, please call 0131 200 2000.  This line is supported 24 hours a day.

If you are facing a homelessness emergency, we will do everything we can to help you. The Council also works with our street-based outreach partners, Streetwork to provide support to those who are rough sleeping.

If your concern is not an emergency, email us for support and advice homelessness.northeast@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Find out more if you're homeless or at risk.

Antisocial noise

You can find more online at Antisocial noise from neighbours and if you are being disturbed in your home by noisy neighbours you should contact the police on 101 when the noise is happening.

Council headquarters

City Chambers
High Street

Local Offices

Administrative headquarters

4 East Market Street

twitterWe have  available.

If you need to contact us please check the phone number for the service you require.

Website enquiries and registration

If you have questions or issues with our registration and sign in process, or any of our online services, please email customer.care@edinburgh.gov.uk.

For technical issues with the website please contact web@edinburgh.gov.uk.

Comments and complaints

Find out how to give feedback on our services

Service for hard of hearing

You can contact us via  by dialing 18001 + the required telephone number free of charge but standard network rates for your phone provider may apply. Please check with your provider. 

Service for deaf people

To contact the Council you can use the British Sign Language interpreting service free of charge.  This is accessed  via  or by using . 

Or you can use the British Deaf Association helpline - text or facetime only 07885 367674 for information about Council and NHS services. 

Interpretation and translation

If you need information in another language please contact our Interpretation and Translation Service.